Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Discover Malta beneath the surface...

There are plenty of reasons to choose Malta as your destination, one of them is all the culture you'll be exposed to, another reason is the nature. Visit Peters pool or Comino and take a swim in the water. Or discover maltese cuisine, you've got endless opportunitys. If you like shopping there's the sunday market in Floriana, if you like the water just go for a dive!

At Techwise we offer a wide range of dive sites.

The Rozi is mainly a tourist attraction beneath the surface, it's situated just outside of Cirkewwa reef. It's a 40 meter long tug boat which was deliberatly sunk in 1991 by the Captain Morgan's Cruises to be used as a tourist attraction. With the clear water and beautiful Cirkewwa reef close by, this dive site is a must!

Do observe that the minimum certification is PADI advanced open water.

The P29 Patrol boat have only been underwater for a short amount of time, but has allready become the new home for the local marine life. The dive site is just a short swim from where you jump into the water. The site is about 30 meters under water.
This wreck has got some areas which should only be seen by experienced divers such as the ones having a PADI deep & wreck specialties certification.

The minimum certification is PADI advanced open water.

To see the other dive sites that we offer, go to our website and click on Dive Sites!


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