Thursday, March 22, 2012

Pictures of the surroundings....

The Casino, just down the street.

A view over the Westin Hotel, in the background
you see Corinthia Hotel.

.... and Techwise

The place to relax with a cup of coffee.

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

St Julians, Hotels

In St Julians you can find hotels for all budgets.
The city offer hotels from 1-5 star.

Just behind the Techwise dive center you'll find the Westin Dragonara Resort.
This is a 5 star hotel which offers luxarious accomondation with all the amenities you might need. The Resort have 6 restaurants. Besides from the private beach, the hotel also have 3 pools and direct sea access. This Resort is great for travelling with children. They offer menus for children and the Westin Kids Club where your kids get the possibility to play with other children.
The Hotel works together with Techwise and Divewise to offer their guests a variaty of activities.

This resort offers the opportunity of hosting conferences, weddings and privat parties in their facilities.

St Georges park & La Valette Resort is a 3 star hotel situated in the heart of St Julians close to Paceville. It's approximatly 100 meters from Techwise & Divewise and it has got a perfect distance to both stores, restaurants and the beach.
The hotel offers 24 hour service, a fitness center and an outdoor swiming pool.

St Julians

St Julians is one of Maltas most popular tourist destination, the city is packed of tourists in the summer but it doesn't take the genuin maltese feeling away!
Take a walk along Spinola Bay or go shopping in the Baystreet complex. If the rain start pouring or you're just a little bit tired after a day in the sun, go and see a movie at the local cinema.
St Julians is famous for Paceville, this area is filled with nightclubs and pubs all with different kinds of music. Here you are guaranteed for a night of fun.
There's as much to do during the day as there is during the evening.

You can travel easily to other citys on the island by bus, there goes local buses to both Sliema, Valetta, Bugibba and to beautiful beaches such as Mellieha Bay.

Along the main streets and tourist attractions you'll find the tourist coaches aswell.
These hop on and off buses can take you around the entire island and you can choose to buy a combined ticked for ferries to Comino, Gozo or guided boat tours around the island.
Do remember that the prices are often negotiable.

The Bay street shopping center offers a variaty
of stores for all ages and wallets.
It's also filled with restaurants and cafe's for a
quick lunch break during the shopping.
It's located in the center of St Julians.

The eden cinema offers a wide
range of movies for both kids and
adults. It's situated right by the
Bay Street shopping center in the
center of st Julians.

Spinola Bay is a beautiful sight during the day and
during the evening. The Bay is full of restaurants for
all tastes, here you can find Italian Cuisine, Maltese Cuisine,
Indian Cuisine and food with all kinds of backgrounds
and spices. In the Bay you can find old fishing boats all
in strong colours, floating around in the blue water.

Close to Paceville you'll find the restaurant Tana Del Lupo.
it serves thypical Italian food and offers exclusive wine to go
with the dinner. This is a place you must visit if you're in to
a nice bottle of wine!

In which ever mood you're in and what ever you
feel like eating, you're guaranteed to find it here
in Spinola Bay along the water.

The office is feeling kind of empty today, everyone are out doing dives.
Mr. Harry (the car) have taken seven of the guys out to Gozo, the Inland Sea to go diving in the amazing water. The water at the Inland Sea is famous for being clear, even though it's 50 meter deep.
However the boys felt that it was enough with 40 meter today, we're wishing them good luck and hope that the sun will come out soon!

Getting the car ready...

A lot of equipment!

Allways with a smile!

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Afternoon dive

Step 1

Step 2

Step 3

Just like a fish in the water... or perhaps a frog?
Either way, Darrell loves the water!

Time to make the car pretty for the summer season.

Preparations for Tec 50.

Discover Malta beneath the surface...

There are plenty of reasons to choose Malta as your destination, one of them is all the culture you'll be exposed to, another reason is the nature. Visit Peters pool or Comino and take a swim in the water. Or discover maltese cuisine, you've got endless opportunitys. If you like shopping there's the sunday market in Floriana, if you like the water just go for a dive!

At Techwise we offer a wide range of dive sites.

The Rozi is mainly a tourist attraction beneath the surface, it's situated just outside of Cirkewwa reef. It's a 40 meter long tug boat which was deliberatly sunk in 1991 by the Captain Morgan's Cruises to be used as a tourist attraction. With the clear water and beautiful Cirkewwa reef close by, this dive site is a must!

Do observe that the minimum certification is PADI advanced open water.

The P29 Patrol boat have only been underwater for a short amount of time, but has allready become the new home for the local marine life. The dive site is just a short swim from where you jump into the water. The site is about 30 meters under water.
This wreck has got some areas which should only be seen by experienced divers such as the ones having a PADI deep & wreck specialties certification.

The minimum certification is PADI advanced open water.

To see the other dive sites that we offer, go to our website and click on Dive Sites!

Hard at work...

Got to get the equipment dry before we get it wet again...

Tuesday morning

Good morning from the Techwise team, today is going to be another day full of dives out in the sun! Pictures will be uploaded soon!

Monday, March 19, 2012

What else to do a nice afternoon like this one but to go diving!

Monday 19/3 2012

Today has been a busy day here at Techwise!

We've had some divers doing dives just outside of the center, Darrell has been taking underwater photos with his huge camera while Jack's been relaxing in the sun (a bit of a lasy dog who likes making everyone jealous). It's been a sunny and warm day (up on land) but the water is still cold enough for our divers to use a dry suit, which for you who didn't know is a bit of a complicated piece of equiptment to put on!

Another fun fact is that the equiptment for our Techdivers here weigh about 30 kg!

Josefin & Sara

Hello everyone, our names are Sara and Josefin and we are the new interns here at Techwise two weeks forward from today. During this time we'll be posting and blogging and generally taking care of the social medias. We both come from Lund, Sweden where we study social science and tourism so this internship is an important part of our education.

We're planing on giving you a daily update here on this blogg about what goes on here at the center and in the water, stay tuned!