Thursday, July 8, 2010

Tech Delicatessen

1 Danish Pastry

1 Luxembourger with chips

1 Lithuanian Litvak

No this isn't a very diverse menu this is the collection of tech divers doing their advanced Nitrox course at the moment with Alan. After a cruisy dive to Um El Faroud yesterday they left this morning to the inland sea after a quick morning classroom session with numbers and calculators flying around the room. Two days ago the gang were joined by Matt, one of our uni boys here doing a dozen recreational dives and wanted to give the twin set a bash so they all headed out to the house reef to do some skills and have a bimble around and all came back successfully and he's already looking forward to doing his Tech 40 on his next trip.

The other day I was being enlightened about Tech diving by a very inspiring tech instructor and he was telling me how it has more of a purpose, compared to recreational diving where is can be more relaxed in its planning, a more "we'll see what we see" kind of attitude. I enjoyed hearing this focused kind of diving with a plan an objective and a time limit. Hhmm I think I see my new certification card... I'll let you know when I do my twin set taster, feel free to let me know if anyone wants to join??