Thursday, June 24, 2010

My Version of Tech History

Technical diving- as a non technical diver, and um a girl, this sounds awfully complicated and also very heavy. I have attempted to lift one of those twin sets and its probably easier to lift a set of identical twins! But i have been assured that it is manageable and can't be too difficult...

If in doubt find solace that two of our instructors, the two Alexs or Dude and JNR as their known around the dive shop have recently become our newest tech instructors- so if they can teach it then we can surely learn it!! No no, they have worked really hard and are more than capable, ask our newly certified tech 40 diver Paul who finished his course at the Faroud yesterday! A very happy divers whos now taking some time away from the diving to finish his holiday with the family, a very big well done to him and looking forward to his return!!

We've got a trip to the Polynesian planned for tomorrow so the boys will be heading down 60m to check out the biggest wreck in Malta spanning over 100m in length. Now i've been doing my research on the wreck and its got quite a history and has now turned into a phenomenal dive. After being bombed in 1918 the thirty year old boat went down in just over half an hour to head to its new home taking ten lives with it. Its been nick-named the "plate" ship due to all the crockery and artifacts still aboard, since its been there for nearly a century its become a popular artificial reef where you see big schools of barracuda, you'll also see two deck guns at the bow and stern and play pretend wars! Boys with their toys and all!