Thursday, July 30, 2009

103m Trimix Course Dive - Now We're talking!

Congratulations to James Le and Hayden Schembri, who just completed their Exploratory Trimix Course with Paul Toomer at Techwise Malta. The grande finale of the course took them to 103m (and yes there was much fighting between the Black Sheep lads to register just a few centimetres deeper than their counterparts!).

Its been months in planning as Hayden and James are long term dive partners but their international jobs have kept them apart until now! We've heard nothing but hilarious stories about skill-drill time, underwater sign-language (keep it clean boys!) and of course the dive itself.

Hayden reported feeling like being in a dream when he surfaced, and having no words to describe the experience. We know that it's something both of these divers have been yearning for for a long time - so we're really chuffed for them.

The group went to the Cargo ship, through the glassy blue waves of Malta. The photos are really something else! (Check out our Facebook group to see these!). Thanks to Alan and Robin for support diving!

Saturday, July 25, 2009

Reccie - Techie its all the same now!!

Our newest family member - the Poseidon recreational rebreather! These lovely little fellas are making their way to Divewise as we type... and it could mean a whole new era for diving...

OK, so it's recreational - but look at this shiny new kit!
B E A Uuuutiful!

You don't have to be a technical diver to try this fantastic new bit of kit - you don't even have to be a diver! With the recreational rebreather you can BEGIN your diving adventure on a rebreather.

The difference between this shiny little number and conventional open circuit SCUBA is that when you breathe out on SCUBA, your exhalation is lost into the ocean - rebreathers recycle your breathe, adding just the right balance of Oxygen to let you breathe it again - less waste, less air carried - more time in the water!

Sounds good eh? We're ridiculously excited to bust them out of their boxes the minute they arrive and start getting to know them inside out - we'll keep you posted about all the neat features and benefits - our dives on them and when you too can book on to ... what shall we call it DRD? - Discover Rebreather Diving!

Thursday, July 16, 2009

Gozo the Great - Technical Diving on the Honey isle!

Back from another awesome day out on the waves - today Techwise was over on Gozo getting deep and dirty - really getting inside of the 2 wrecks of the Cominoland and the Karwela. Down the stairways, through the body of these great machines - nothing can top it - and all under the careful watch of a top-notch tec instructor and dive guide.

Of course you need to be fully qualified and skilled up to perform such feats under a bit of depth - but all those courses are available from Techwise too - TDI, IANTD, SSI TEK XR and DSAT - Lots of capitals and acronyms - and lots of lovely learning to be done.

Meanwhile, Richard is slavering over the Helo 2 and considering a nice little pre pre pre Christmas treat! Love it!

Ah, but its late now and there's gases to be mixed... so off we pop, into the night... ready for more fun tomorrow.

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Getting Back into the Tec way

This week we had a Divemaster and Technical qualified customer roll up to our doors - he was well supplied with certs, but it had been a while since he'd been diving, even in a recreational sense. Originally he only wanted to dive recreational, but after seeing the places that our tec divers were going out to - the bug suddenly bit once again!

So how do you get back into the Tec way after a bit of a break? Luckily for us, we're flexible, even up to the last minute - originally booked for a recreational , our customer was able to dip in on the reef with some other tec trainees and bust out a skill circuit or two. This is really essential - to get back in to complicated manoeuvres and specialized skills within the safety of the house reef and a great group of friends and instructors - there to help should you struggle.

From then on its just edging your limits back up to your previous standards - start night and easy with a shore dive at Gozo maybe - take in the Inland sea as you simulate deco-stops on your way up from the reef. Then when you're ready for something meatier - check out the Blenhiem Bomber or the Stubborn, and finally whip-cream topping your week with a jolly on the Poly! Well - we'll see - he has a wife on holiday with him after all!

This array of diving makes Malta JUST the island to tempt teccies back in after a stay away... and luckily for them Techwise is JUST the centre to get them back into the swing of things safely!

Sunday, July 12, 2009

Tying up your Technical on a bit of Tickle

Ok hands up, I've been neglected the blog a little! You just can't believe how busy we are! We have Richard right through from Deep course into Tec levels all the way to Tec Deep, and even finished his course with a trickle of tickle in his tank - as per the new standards and course arrangements can allow! Now he's onto his IANTD Normoxic Trimix! Talk about a voracious appetite for learning!

Felix is visiting for some skills circuits and is being joined by Marco who is having a bit of a technical scuba review, just busting out some drills on the reef. So we can look forward to a week of excellent technical dives to get those two into the swing of things!

We've also become part of yet another training association - widening the range of course we can offer to our customers. Our new friends at SS Teck XR will be featuring more and more on Techwise website in the future as we start to offer their courses along side those of TDI, IANTD, DSAT & Paul Toomer Rebreather Training.

Sunday, July 5, 2009

Respect the Tec! - Customer Service in the Technical Diving World

Today we are off to Gozo with some Technical divers from the Netherlands, who walked in on the recommendation of another customer.  We'll be having a nice long dive off the Blue Hole of Gozo, possibly followed by a little pootle on the wreck of the Cominoland.

Its been a really busy summer for Techwise so far.  Lots of bookings for holiday makers and locals alike.  I think its also a sign of the growth of the Technical Diving community that we are now welcoming walk in customers for Technical diving. A quick check dive of drills and equipment on the house reef, and we are ready to go! 

In the past it was so selective and niche a market that customers had to really research to find technical services for their needs. Now with expansion of technical diving businesses - you can shop around on holiday - with many centres within walking distance of each other - all offering technical diving. 

This is fantastic for the sport.  The scarcity of this service once meant that if business owners were tempted to be awkward, lazy or give bad service, customers were likely still to put up with such problems because there was no other place to go. Now they have choices, all business are being kept on their toes in the customer service department - and also evolving to realise that there is no such thing as a 'typical' techie - receiving females, young, old, large build and small - and everything in between!

At Techwise, we have always felt that great service is of utmost importance - whether your customer can vote with their feet or not! We like to think that's why we receive so many bookings - and even more tellingly - repeat bookings!

To all of our customers - thanks for making our work so easy - we love diving with you! To all our customers not yet known - come on down, you'll find a ready welcome!