Saturday, April 30, 2011

New Version of the Razor Harness

Steve Bogearts has brought out a new version of the Razor Harness. He will be bringing this latest version with him to do the course in June along with the wing that goes with it. To find out more about this harness see the link below . . .

Just to make sure Jason’s kept busy, Mika is back to continue his Tec 45 today as is Marek who is continuing his Tec 40. They both don’t ever seem to stop smiling!

Friday, April 29, 2011

Get the Most out of Your Gas!

The sunny Maltese weather is finally back

Alan has just spent a large amount of money on a Gas booster for the compressor that will make our gas use more efficient.

Mika has just started his Tec 45 today with Jason and Alan.

Danny took them to the deep side of the Maori on the boat to do the training.

I’m not sure who was enjoying themselves more, Mika

Or Jason,

Or maybe even Alan given he got to have another play around on his side mounts.

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Make The Most Of Your Trip!

When Steve Bogaerts comes in June to run the Basic Side-Mount Open Water course he is bringing along some new bladders which need testing. There may be an opportunity on the course to be one of the first people to dive on these bladders.

Mika and Dave’s dive at the Faroud yesterday was a success so now Mika can relax after how apprehensive he was yesterday. Mika and Dave will be completing their Tech 40 course today and will probably be out celebrating tonight.

Lanny and Martin are going to dive the Polynesian today.

Now the weather has calmed down the boat is out again so the boat diving programme is back in operation. Ken’s group are going to be taking advantage of it to catch up on their favourite dives given they have been a bit restricted by the weather the past few days. They are going to the Imperial Eagle, then the Beaufighter then the Maori, talk about getting the most out of your trip!

The Tech 40 Experience

Mika Rissa is here at the moment doing his Tech 40 with Dangerous Dave. When he arrived the other day Alan introduced them to various pieces of strange equipment.

Then there was the table therapy . . .

Which is apparently the most effective way to introduce new Tech divers to the correct fining techniques.

Jason then had his time to shine in the classroom as he taught them some of the theory.

The bad weather on the house reef meant that they got all the theory out of the way first.

They are both off to Zurrieq today to do some in water practice.

Sunday, April 24, 2011

New Launch of the Techwise Site

The Techwise site is currently undergoing renovation so that things are easier to find on it. New courses that will be available this year are being added such as the Side Mount course. This means that any information about a particular course you are interested in will be easy to locate.

If you’re wanting to try something new but not sure what you want to have a go at then the website will be a good start for you to find out what is available to you at your current level and to get some information about each of the courses, what they entail and how what you learn on the course will benefit you and improve your diving experiences.

Click here to view the new home page layout . .
More changes will be being made in the next few days . . .

Saturday, April 23, 2011

Go Side Mount in Malta with Steve Bogaerts, Limited Places Available . . .

In June this year the number one Side mount Instructor that trained Alan in the winter is coming to Malta to run a Basic Side mount Open Water course. The course will take 3 days and you must be a Certified Open water diver to participate.

What are Side mounts?

Side mounts are simply cylinders that strap to your sides instead of your back which makes them much more comfortable as you don’t put them on until you are in the water. Because they are on your sides they allow your back to bend and move freely unlike whey you use a normal cylinder. The fact you have two of them (one on each side) means you don’t need to worry about taking a pony bottle for back up air as you have a whole extra cylinder of air with you!

The BDC and harness you used with the side mounts are much more compact which makes travelling much easier and you need much less gear.

Side Mounts and Cave diving

Side mounts are very good for cave diving becuase they allow you more flexibility in the water and allow you to fit through much smaller gaps than you could ever manage with back mounted cylinders. Also because you have two clylinders you have plenty of air with you.

Here are some video's from his website so you can see for yourself . . .

Steve does a lot of his courses in Mexico. This will be the first time he has run a course in Malta. There are limited places available on this course so book now to make sure you don't miss out on this amazing oppertunity!

Traffic Traffic Traffic!

A coach crashed this morning which meant that the traffic outside of St Julian's has been crazy today.
So it took a while to get to some of the dive sites . . .
Danny took twin-set and rebreather divers to Cirkewwa today for pleasure diving . . .
Mika from Finland and Dave from Birmingham started their Tech 40 course today too, let's see how they get on . . .

Friday, April 22, 2011

Just another day . . .

It’s a bit gloomy today . . . unlike the rest of us Jack came to work prepared . . .

Nev and Howard have still been working hard on the basins and they are starting to look rather smart.

Jason has taken Lanny, Bas, Sooz and Claire to Gozo today to do some pleasure diving.

Danny has been doing a rebreather course . . .

And Paul Toomers been busy with an Advanced Recreational Trimix course

Thursday, April 21, 2011

Poseidon Try Dive

Alan, Jason and Danni spent yesterday up at Cirkewwa. While JC’s group where off doing some recreational diving JC got stuck into a Poseidon try dive so he could give the rebreathers a go with Danny.

Bas and Suzanne also came along for some pleasure diving on their twin sets.

Now that Jason has recovered his chest infection. Alan and Jason took their side mounts so they could have a go at squeezing through small holes in the reef to see which sized gaps are ok and which ones they are defiantly going to get stuck in!

Martin Redferin has just arrived today . He will be doing some pleasure diving on his rebreather over the next few days.

Monday, April 18, 2011

Anyone up for a Surf in the Confined Area?

The hotel pool has now been cleaned out from the winter so we are starting to use it for training and given its too cold for holidaymakers to use yet it’s nice a quiet which is great. Steve got in yesterday to practice maintaining his trim while doing skills.

The staff have been battling with some impressive waves in the confined area today. The boat was getting battered against the side and the ropes kept snapping.

The staff had to go in twice to rescue the boat. Howard even ended up going in with his clothes on! Finally after a lot of hauling, swimming and some strategic balancing acts from Sarah on the bow the boat is now facing into the waves so it isn’t getting smashed about quite so much.

Sunday, April 17, 2011

New Seating Area

Alan is off to the Faroud to do a deco dive with Bas Suzanne, Lanny and Claire today while Jack soaks up some sun after the bad weather yesterday.

Nev’s recruited Howard to help him work on the wash basins, and I’ve been decorating Nevs work of art with GUE and various other posters!

The new seating area and tables are going to be mainly for the Tech divers gear so there will be more space for them to sort out their equipment away from the recreational divers.

Phil Short was out partying in Huggins last night after the PADI forum as he left this morning to try and find some new challenges elsewhere but he’ll be back in June for more rebreather madness and no doubt more searching. I will make a blog about their expedition in the next few days.